Monday, February 1, 2010

Korea Trip 24 ~ 31 Dec 2009

here are some pic from my korea trip... only few from my mobile. mainly bulk still in hubby hard-disk, no time to get him to help me upload.


Busy busy & lazy lazy to blog!!!

i have not been blogging for the last 2 mths. simply too busy, tired & lazy to do it.

Mom's health is not good, has been in & out of the hospital since last Oct & now in ICU at CGH due to low BP & heart attack due to depression & weak heart. I pray & hope that she can get well & everything stable down so that she can be discharge before the CNY.

She has been cranky & wanting to go hm but really impossible for her to be off those drips & facilities to monitor her closely. Yesterday she even threaten my sis that if we don't let her go hm, she will roll out from the bed...

Even if she is out, we need to be extra carefull, make her happy & try out best to make her comfortable as she don't have any strength got even flip side or get up on the bed.

Hope everything turns out fine.