Monday, September 6, 2010

Evan's Surprise - HortPark

Evan is always not keen in writing & coloring. Even his teacher told us that he always dreaming, slow & last to finish his work in class. Guess is because of this reason, the teacher make a THICK booklet, five lines per page with "EVAN CHING" for him to practise at home.

This really drive me crazy and i think also making him even more hated homework because everytime get him to write will ended up me screaming & him crying. Think my grey hair getting more liao.

So to encourage him i printed a reward sheets forwarded to me from my sis. Do 1 homework, color 1 star. Will get a surprise if he completed 5 stars. So his surprise was HortPark playground. Is a very big park with lots of flowers, plants, trees, big open space, playground & a mini butterfly cage.

Teachers Day Gift

This is the 2nd time Evan celebrate Teachers Day. Really don't know what to get for the teachers so i bake chocolate cupcakes for them pack with a peaches.

As i was busy baking the cupcakes, Evan came & want to eat the peach. I told him later i will take the balance ones from the fridge & cut for him. After a while he ran away to play on his own. While packing the fruits which i had sorted out the nice ones, i suddely saw 1 with a "bite" :( Evan actually bit one the peache & left it there quietly. Luckily i saw it else will be so embarrassed if given to the teacher.

I am so happy with the cupcakes. This was the first time i got nice sharp cupcakes with soft & mosit texture. I realised whenever i added yogurt into my cake batter, it will turn out to be so mosit & yummy. I use the recipe from replacing half of the water with Meiji fruits yogurt. I will definitely bake more of this cupcakes for any gathering next time.

Shamin Princess Birthday

We had celebrated Shamin be-lated birthday on 29 Aug as the kids are sick & also lots of food from the 7th mth's prayer the week before.

As usually, she brought her dress, fairy wings & make up pouch for the birthday girl make-over. This year i did not bake the cake for her... too lazy & time consuming. So she got her favourite Princesses Ice-cream cake from Swensen comes in 3 flavours - Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate. Yummy...

I ask my prince whether he want a ice-cream cake for his birthday, he doesn't want untill he ate the ice-cream cake (he ate chocolate only) & after i told him got "Toy Story" picture. So you will expect to see me posting that for his birhtday celebration.. hehe

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raisin Scone & Pandan Chiffon Cake

Woke up 1 sunday morning, felt like baking something quick for our breakfast so thought of making scone for the 1st time (Alex Goh recipe). it turn out to be soft, fluffy & yummy to go with blueberry jam.

Baking a successfull pandan chiffon cake is always in my mind. especially after tasted Yin Yin's yummy version so I used her recipe with 1 extra egg white left over from making buns. I am so happy that it really turn out great in terms of texture & taste. Her receipe is really the best that i ever tried.

Evan's Baby Rocker

2 weeks back, hubby happened to clear out some stuffs from the store room & evan happily bring this baby rocker to the bedroom. He love it so much that he uses it everyday to drink his neinei while watching his favourite shows. I am thinking how to keep it back to the store room!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Niece's Poem on her Little Cousin - Evan


hmmm... how appropirate on how she described her favourite little cousin.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Blueberry Jam Swiss Roll

I have been wanting to try baking swiss roll again since last 1 mth but just didnt manage to do it beacuse i wanted to get a proper 11" swiss roll tray. Till today still haven't get it from Phoon Huat so i just use the biggest tray i have at home.

Since Evan went shopping last evening at Toys "R" Us at Tampines Mall with the grandparents so i got the luxury time to enjoy my baking since i reach home early.

I tried the receipt from 君之 and substitute the floss with blurberry jam & add in some dried cranberries & blueberries for the base.

- holes at the bottom because i forgot to bang a few times before going into oven;
- texture was fine & soft;
- taste wise i find it too eggy... so maybe next time can reduce 1 egg yolk;
- because i use the rectangular tray & rolling started from the length so it became a bit too short for a nice roll... hehe because i am too greedy, wanted to cut into more pieces

I am happy that Evan enjoy this swiss roll. He had 1.5 piece last nite & 3/4 piece again this morning :) Hope my colleagues like it as well.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chocolate Cream Cheese Marble cake

Finally got time & mood to bake a cake last fri 25 Jun after so many months. Only the i notice my cake flour already expired, no self-rising flour, no caster sugar & used up the last bit of the coco podwer for this cake. I tink is time to stock up again for my next bake.

I was on leave for 3 days last week for Evan dental treatment & i wouldn't want him to go through again. I was heartbroken to see him going through the 2 hrs process of putting him to sleep for treatment, woke up crying, groggy, lips swollen, mouth feeling numb & hand adminstered with needle.... he so scared with all these & struggling to get the needle off, dun want plaster, kept wiping his mouth etc.

finally he calm down after the numbness & groggyness subsided, he was back to normal except for slight fever & can't eat much with 1 front tooth extraction & all other fillings, nerves treatment & crowning.

I thought he would be fine for next 2 days but his mouth develops ulcers which could be due to some broken tissues during the treatment. He doesn't want to brush teeth or eat because of the pain and that last for about 3 days.

Now, he is feeling much better, more cheerful & able to eat more since ysterday. Hope the cavities won't come visit him again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Brownie Cheese cake for Daniel Birthday

Last sat we had steamboat at my Papa hse & also to celebrate my nephew birthday. I baked him a brownie cheese cake with simply decoration using icing sugar & strawberry.

In order to gv him a surpirse, i did'nt tell him or the parents about making cake so they also bought him a Peach & Longan cake from Prima Deli.. haha. the more the merrier, he gets to blow & cut 2 cakes with Evan.... it looks like Evan's Bithday... haha he always sat infront of the cake even it is not his birthday!!

Kent Bridge Park - Cannon

This is one of Evan's favorite place because there are a few cannon along the way & this big one at the top of the park.

See the pictures... he enjoyed himself on top of the cannon & say want to be a "Army soldier"

There is a old cable car but i didn't take a nice pic of it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Korea Trip 24 ~ 31 Dec 2009

here are some pic from my korea trip... only few from my mobile. mainly bulk still in hubby hard-disk, no time to get him to help me upload.