Monday, September 6, 2010

Evan's Surprise - HortPark

Evan is always not keen in writing & coloring. Even his teacher told us that he always dreaming, slow & last to finish his work in class. Guess is because of this reason, the teacher make a THICK booklet, five lines per page with "EVAN CHING" for him to practise at home.

This really drive me crazy and i think also making him even more hated homework because everytime get him to write will ended up me screaming & him crying. Think my grey hair getting more liao.

So to encourage him i printed a reward sheets forwarded to me from my sis. Do 1 homework, color 1 star. Will get a surprise if he completed 5 stars. So his surprise was HortPark playground. Is a very big park with lots of flowers, plants, trees, big open space, playground & a mini butterfly cage.

Teachers Day Gift

This is the 2nd time Evan celebrate Teachers Day. Really don't know what to get for the teachers so i bake chocolate cupcakes for them pack with a peaches.

As i was busy baking the cupcakes, Evan came & want to eat the peach. I told him later i will take the balance ones from the fridge & cut for him. After a while he ran away to play on his own. While packing the fruits which i had sorted out the nice ones, i suddely saw 1 with a "bite" :( Evan actually bit one the peache & left it there quietly. Luckily i saw it else will be so embarrassed if given to the teacher.

I am so happy with the cupcakes. This was the first time i got nice sharp cupcakes with soft & mosit texture. I realised whenever i added yogurt into my cake batter, it will turn out to be so mosit & yummy. I use the recipe from replacing half of the water with Meiji fruits yogurt. I will definitely bake more of this cupcakes for any gathering next time.

Shamin Princess Birthday

We had celebrated Shamin be-lated birthday on 29 Aug as the kids are sick & also lots of food from the 7th mth's prayer the week before.

As usually, she brought her dress, fairy wings & make up pouch for the birthday girl make-over. This year i did not bake the cake for her... too lazy & time consuming. So she got her favourite Princesses Ice-cream cake from Swensen comes in 3 flavours - Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate. Yummy...

I ask my prince whether he want a ice-cream cake for his birthday, he doesn't want untill he ate the ice-cream cake (he ate chocolate only) & after i told him got "Toy Story" picture. So you will expect to see me posting that for his birhtday celebration.. hehe