Monday, November 30, 2009

Assorted Buns

Assorted buns again using Basic Sweet dough from Alex Goh replacing 2/3 of cold water with whipping cream.

This time round i try the method of putting another baking tray on top of the bun to create the look of the Cream cheese bun from Barcook.... the effect was not bad... got the look but the center of the cinnamon bun was not thoroughly cook so i bake for another 5 mins which ended up the crust slightly hard.

For others like cinnamon rolls, cheese & sugar buns & Bakkwa buns, the texture was very soft when out of oven.. still soft after cooled down. But it does not stay soft the next day... need to warm up for better serving.

Fruity Birthday Cake for Mama & Papa

On 20 Nov, Sat, we had a small birthday celebration for my mama & papa at changi with some yummy homecook & take away food including homecook noodles, fried rice, mix veg with tofu, satay, seacucumber duck, grilled chicken wings & some finger foods & the 1st birthday cake that i made for my parents .... wishing them 身体健康

Though my mama health is not good, i can see that she is happy to see all kids around to celebrate with her.

Evan is all excited when come to birthday cake session. .... as if is his birthday.. haha... can see from the pic that he is eyeing on this pretty birthday cake ^-^

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cranberry Muffins & Bacon Roll

These are the the recents bakes from my oven.

Cranberry Muffin - receipe was from Alex Goh receipe book.
I am very happy with these muffins as they came out with a nice dome though some still with the weird "dome" towards one side. It will good if the outer crust was slightly softer. The crumb texture was soft with the light sweetness of cranberry, blur berry & raisin.

Bacon roll - Dough from Wonderful soft bread (Do what I like).
I actually over baked these buns as i didn't keep a look out when they are baking in the oven... where am i ? .... in the bedroom trying to get little prince to sleep. The crust ended up dark & hard when out of oven. luckily it turned slightly softer after cooled down. Texture was soft for the bacon but not for the porkfloss & plain buns. It could be due to the dough adsorbed the oil from the toasted bacon during the final proofing. I shall try again with reduced temperature or shorter baking time.

Carrie Birthday Party

This was the 1st interesting & fun birthday party that Evan ever attended. Though he does not know the birthday gal (DH huddy daughter) & other kids, he still enjoy himself very much.

The first thing that attracted him was the Fondant Strawberry Shortcake & cupcakes. Infact, all kids are so tempted to lay their little fingers on this cake as it look so pretty & yummy.

The interesting & fun part of the party was the artwork paintingt with teachers guidance. All the childrens get to choose either a wooden box, Halloween Latern or a Face mask. They all sat down for McDonalds Kiddy meals followed by the painting & pull string for the Sunflower pinata ... all kids are jumping ard for the sweets that dropped down from the pinata.
Little prince behaved very well thoughout these activities & he constantly keep a lookout for us while eating & painting..... scare that we left him there alone. We are considering to bring him for such artclass during weekend as he like it so much.