Monday, November 16, 2009

Cranberry Muffins & Bacon Roll

These are the the recents bakes from my oven.

Cranberry Muffin - receipe was from Alex Goh receipe book.
I am very happy with these muffins as they came out with a nice dome though some still with the weird "dome" towards one side. It will good if the outer crust was slightly softer. The crumb texture was soft with the light sweetness of cranberry, blur berry & raisin.

Bacon roll - Dough from Wonderful soft bread (Do what I like).
I actually over baked these buns as i didn't keep a look out when they are baking in the oven... where am i ? .... in the bedroom trying to get little prince to sleep. The crust ended up dark & hard when out of oven. luckily it turned slightly softer after cooled down. Texture was soft for the bacon but not for the porkfloss & plain buns. It could be due to the dough adsorbed the oil from the toasted bacon during the final proofing. I shall try again with reduced temperature or shorter baking time.

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