Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Potatoe Cake & Roti Prata Chicken Pie

I was on leave last thursday, went to Giant after sending Evan to Child care ctr. While shopping in the Giant, i saw the Japanese sweet potatoe so got the idea to make sweet potatoe cake.

reached home, i quickly browse throught Alex Goh's Recipe book & search for this recipe. I replaced the butter with canalo oil as my mum don't eat butter. The cake turn to to be quite good. Not sweet (i reduced the amt of castor sugar), light fragrance of sweet potatoe, texture was soft but not as fine as expected & as usual, slightly dense at the bottom.
Since i got the time, i made the roti prata chicken pie again. This round, i cutted the flat dough into 3 pieces. the size of the folded pie was just nice. *-*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almond Butter Cookies

You all must be wondering why am i still blogging so late at 2.41am... reason.... baking again. So while waiting for my wholemeal loaf, i update all my bread & cakes.

Almond butter cookies... a recipe from Annie's Cookies Recipe book. I used the star shape cutter to make into star in order to make my prince fancy this cookie.

True enough, he was happy to see these stars...he ate 2 bites.. then return to me. But at least he ate 1 piece that very nite.

Sis & colleagues love it. I will defintely will bake it again soon with less sugar & to decorate with chocolate chips for my Evan.

Banana & Dates Sponge cake

Me, annie, yin, shirley & kui kim went to the food fest at Clark Quay on 17 Jul. We were all so satsified after stuffing in satay, roti prata, dried lasak, nonya fried rice, grilled chicken wings, durian paste.... etc.

We proceed on to Liang court for Starburks & then to Mediya where Annie & myself are aiming to go for a search of any interesting baking accessories.

I bought a packet of dried dates as i thought of using it to bake cakes & bread. the moment i reach hm & tucked in my prince, i am so eagered to try baking this Banana & dates sponge cake. Although it didn't raised well & densed at the bottom of the bake, it still taste nice & not too sweet.

My mum, family & kids love it except for my little prince.

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll is one of my favorite. This was the 2nd time i tried baking & the result handed in was good.

This round, i did the normal cinnamon roll & a small cinnamon loaf with rasin using the milk loaf recipe.

verdict.. yummy fragrance & taste good. Next time i will add in rasin for cinnamon roll as it seems to taste nicer with Raisin as per some of my colleagues.

Pork Floss Loaf & Orange Cupcake

Another baking again. Hubby going to Port Dickson for Triathlon so i made this pork floss loaf for him. As i cut the loaf, the pork floss were slightly loose... maybe i didn't rolled it tight enough.

As for the orange cupcakes, i love the flavor. It raised well & texture was soft. But my little prince don't like the orange taste. He said " mommy, i don't want" just after one small bite :(

Anyway, i will continue to baking something that he will fancy.

Milk Loaf

I am addicted to baking! I was always wondering how Yin Yin managed to bake her loaf bread, so i wanted to try my very own loaf bread this time.

I used the milk loaf recipe & separate the proofed dough into 3 portion. 1 for Nutella, 1 for rasin & 1 plain.

While baking, i am worried that it may turn out hard just by looking at the surface of the loaf. after baked for 30mins, i removed it from the oven & let it cool down on the rack.

To my surprise, it turned out to be soft & the texture was just the same as the normal bread. Me & my family love it so much!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roti Prata Chicken Pie

This is my first pie (Recipe from Jenny)... using flatten roti prate dough as the pastry. is interesting & easy to make. Since my hubby likes to eat savory stuffs so i decided to make for him.

Looking at the picture, there is 1 big Pie & some smaller cup-size pies. The big one simply put the fillings onto the roti prata & fold it into half. Those smaller ones are bit more messy to make. Need to cut out the dough & shape it like a cup, put the fillings then cover with another small round piece of dough & bake in the oven.

The pies taste yummy as you can use any ingredients of your preference.

After some thoughts, i think it will be easier to cut the big round flatten dough into half then fold into half with fillings to make a medium size triangular shape pie.

Coffee Condense Milk Pound cake

While going thru friend's blog, came across "Condense Milk" pound cake. Immediately i got the idea of baking this because i love the smell of the condense milk especially when it goes with Coffee.

When i started preparing the ingredients, i decided to add in coffee essence & also to reduce the amount of sugar so that my mum can eat it.. & also she likes coffee flavour.

The output was quite ok. Slight crispy outside & spongy inside. I love the flavour & i will try the Chocolate Condense milk pound cake next time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Steamed Chinese Sponge Cake (鸡蛋糕)

鸡蛋糕 is my favorite cake i love to eat when i am little. So this was the next recipe that i searched from the Web.

i failed for the first attemp. It did raised a bit but the texture was little hard & the taste is not there. It could be i added the pandan essence as per the recipe.

the 2nd attemp i tried another recipe with only self-raising flour, eggs & sugar. This round the egg taste too strong & is not soft as expected.

3rd attemp, i tried another recipe which turns out to be a good one. except that it didn't raised, the taste & the texture was almost there.

here is the recipe i got it from

Ingredients A

  • Egg 200g

  • Sugar 230g

Ingredients B:

  • Hong Kong flour 230g

Ingredients C:

  • 7-up 75g


  • Use high speed beat eggs till fluffy

  • Add in sugar gradually and continue beating till well- blended, turn off the power

  • Fold in the flour in 3 portions

  • Add in Ingredients C and mix well

  • Pour mixture into 20cm round bamboo basket lined with glass paper till 90% full

  • Sprinkle a handful of sugar such that it forms a cross on the surface of mixture

  • Steam over high heat for half an hour


Muffins can be found almost everywhere from bakery shop to cafe to hawker. It seems easy to make but i was wrong.

I use the muffin recipe from Happy Home Baking & added chocolate rice, rasin, almond flarks & melon seeds. These muffins taste yummy but not as soft & it didnt raised well as i expected. Show it to my friends suspected due to Microwave oven baking.

My First Homemade Bread

See friends making homemade breads, cakes & cookies really inspired me to try it out.

Sweet Bun was the 1st that i wanted to try. I like the idea to create own preferred fillings.
As i do not have a electric mixer, i use hand to knead the dough which was really sticky & messy, it gets less sticky as i knead for abt 20mins.

After the proofing, i took out the dough & play with it to wrap my prince favorite Ham with Cheese toppings & half of the buns i just top with Almond flarks ... then goes into my Mircowave oven.

looks not so presentable but still yummy for the first timer (^-^)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ginger Bread Man Cookies

Since Evan likes to eat the Ginger Bread Man cookies, so i gotten the recipe from Yin yin & decided to make some for him as it was not the X'mas season.

the cookies are a bit dry & hard ...could be due to i flattened the dough too thin. the taste are ok & the kids enjoyed decorating their own ginger bread man & gal.