Sunday, July 26, 2009

Banana & Dates Sponge cake

Me, annie, yin, shirley & kui kim went to the food fest at Clark Quay on 17 Jul. We were all so satsified after stuffing in satay, roti prata, dried lasak, nonya fried rice, grilled chicken wings, durian paste.... etc.

We proceed on to Liang court for Starburks & then to Mediya where Annie & myself are aiming to go for a search of any interesting baking accessories.

I bought a packet of dried dates as i thought of using it to bake cakes & bread. the moment i reach hm & tucked in my prince, i am so eagered to try baking this Banana & dates sponge cake. Although it didn't raised well & densed at the bottom of the bake, it still taste nice & not too sweet.

My mum, family & kids love it except for my little prince.

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