Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roti Prata Chicken Pie

This is my first pie (Recipe from Jenny)... using flatten roti prate dough as the pastry. is interesting & easy to make. Since my hubby likes to eat savory stuffs so i decided to make for him.

Looking at the picture, there is 1 big Pie & some smaller cup-size pies. The big one simply put the fillings onto the roti prata & fold it into half. Those smaller ones are bit more messy to make. Need to cut out the dough & shape it like a cup, put the fillings then cover with another small round piece of dough & bake in the oven.

The pies taste yummy as you can use any ingredients of your preference.

After some thoughts, i think it will be easier to cut the big round flatten dough into half then fold into half with fillings to make a medium size triangular shape pie.

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