Monday, November 16, 2009

Carrie Birthday Party

This was the 1st interesting & fun birthday party that Evan ever attended. Though he does not know the birthday gal (DH huddy daughter) & other kids, he still enjoy himself very much.

The first thing that attracted him was the Fondant Strawberry Shortcake & cupcakes. Infact, all kids are so tempted to lay their little fingers on this cake as it look so pretty & yummy.

The interesting & fun part of the party was the artwork paintingt with teachers guidance. All the childrens get to choose either a wooden box, Halloween Latern or a Face mask. They all sat down for McDonalds Kiddy meals followed by the painting & pull string for the Sunflower pinata ... all kids are jumping ard for the sweets that dropped down from the pinata.
Little prince behaved very well thoughout these activities & he constantly keep a lookout for us while eating & painting..... scare that we left him there alone. We are considering to bring him for such artclass during weekend as he like it so much.

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