Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cream Cheese Bun

Barcook's popular Raisin Cream bun has always been our favourite buy whenever we happen to be ard Fook Hai area.

I have been talking with collegues abt how did they makesuch a soft, fine & delicious Raisin cream bun. I had tried to search for the recipe online some time back but didnt manage to find one. But just this week, shirley & I found a recipe which was from the same source called e-pan baking studio.

I found this link from Do What I Like - cream cheese bun & from this e-pan site, i found another recipe which output looks exactly the same as Barcook Raisin cream Bun.

Since i can't read Japanese, i try the recipe from Do What I Like. While shirley will explore the recipe from the Japanese e-pan baking studio.

Well, maybe i am not good enough at baking buns & also didnt follow the recipe to the dot, hence the bun texture was not as soft & fine and then cream cheese filling was not smooth as i expected. I also use chicken ham for some of the bun specially for my prince & also pork floss for my DH. I shall wait for shirley's experiment on the other recipe before i give another shot on this cream cheese bun.

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