Monday, September 6, 2010

Evan's Surprise - HortPark

Evan is always not keen in writing & coloring. Even his teacher told us that he always dreaming, slow & last to finish his work in class. Guess is because of this reason, the teacher make a THICK booklet, five lines per page with "EVAN CHING" for him to practise at home.

This really drive me crazy and i think also making him even more hated homework because everytime get him to write will ended up me screaming & him crying. Think my grey hair getting more liao.

So to encourage him i printed a reward sheets forwarded to me from my sis. Do 1 homework, color 1 star. Will get a surprise if he completed 5 stars. So his surprise was HortPark playground. Is a very big park with lots of flowers, plants, trees, big open space, playground & a mini butterfly cage.


  1. My hair graying also! Garfield mei mei got "smart mouth" always argue with me, refuse to do what she is told and likes to stay up late. UGH!! I hope it's just a phase they go through!

  2. yea.. i also everynite got to nag & scold him beacuse he simply dun want to sleep. It's dragging later these days like 11-11.30pm is the earliest!! i feels like i am 10 yrs older now.