Monday, September 6, 2010

Teachers Day Gift

This is the 2nd time Evan celebrate Teachers Day. Really don't know what to get for the teachers so i bake chocolate cupcakes for them pack with a peaches.

As i was busy baking the cupcakes, Evan came & want to eat the peach. I told him later i will take the balance ones from the fridge & cut for him. After a while he ran away to play on his own. While packing the fruits which i had sorted out the nice ones, i suddely saw 1 with a "bite" :( Evan actually bit one the peache & left it there quietly. Luckily i saw it else will be so embarrassed if given to the teacher.

I am so happy with the cupcakes. This was the first time i got nice sharp cupcakes with soft & mosit texture. I realised whenever i added yogurt into my cake batter, it will turn out to be so mosit & yummy. I use the recipe from replacing half of the water with Meiji fruits yogurt. I will definitely bake more of this cupcakes for any gathering next time.

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