Friday, July 2, 2010

Blueberry Jam Swiss Roll

I have been wanting to try baking swiss roll again since last 1 mth but just didnt manage to do it beacuse i wanted to get a proper 11" swiss roll tray. Till today still haven't get it from Phoon Huat so i just use the biggest tray i have at home.

Since Evan went shopping last evening at Toys "R" Us at Tampines Mall with the grandparents so i got the luxury time to enjoy my baking since i reach home early.

I tried the receipt from 君之 and substitute the floss with blurberry jam & add in some dried cranberries & blueberries for the base.

- holes at the bottom because i forgot to bang a few times before going into oven;
- texture was fine & soft;
- taste wise i find it too eggy... so maybe next time can reduce 1 egg yolk;
- because i use the rectangular tray & rolling started from the length so it became a bit too short for a nice roll... hehe because i am too greedy, wanted to cut into more pieces

I am happy that Evan enjoy this swiss roll. He had 1.5 piece last nite & 3/4 piece again this morning :) Hope my colleagues like it as well.

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  1. yes, keep coming. is delicous!