Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chocolate Cream Cheese Marble cake

Finally got time & mood to bake a cake last fri 25 Jun after so many months. Only the i notice my cake flour already expired, no self-rising flour, no caster sugar & used up the last bit of the coco podwer for this cake. I tink is time to stock up again for my next bake.

I was on leave for 3 days last week for Evan dental treatment & i wouldn't want him to go through again. I was heartbroken to see him going through the 2 hrs process of putting him to sleep for treatment, woke up crying, groggy, lips swollen, mouth feeling numb & hand adminstered with needle.... he so scared with all these & struggling to get the needle off, dun want plaster, kept wiping his mouth etc.

finally he calm down after the numbness & groggyness subsided, he was back to normal except for slight fever & can't eat much with 1 front tooth extraction & all other fillings, nerves treatment & crowning.

I thought he would be fine for next 2 days but his mouth develops ulcers which could be due to some broken tissues during the treatment. He doesn't want to brush teeth or eat because of the pain and that last for about 3 days.

Now, he is feeling much better, more cheerful & able to eat more since ysterday. Hope the cavities won't come visit him again.


  1. wow, that sounds like a lot of dental treatments leh! what happened?

  2. yes he got many cavities .. could be due to eating sweets drinking syrup water, use to drink milk to sleep & didnt enforce him to brush his teeth when he doesn't want to brush. also my fault didn't bring him to dentist when there are minor cavities. by then time go school dental then refer to NDC plus the apptmt waiting time is 1-2 mths. postpond few time cos he is sick so can't go for the treatment under GA.

    now finally over.. less stressfull.. need to brush properly for him.