Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elvis Presley Pound Cake & Cinnamon Roll

Recently happen to see this fine & yummy pound caks from Table for 2 or more blog( my first reaction was i want to try this!!

True enough of those reviews, this cake really taste like Sara-Lee. Since i ran out of vanilla essence, i replace it with coffee essence which gave a strong & nice coffee aroma during the bake. Only setback was i didn't baked it thoroughly that left the bottom portion a bit too damp... but still edible, frangrance & yummy.

Cinnamon roll is always my favorite sweet bun. I love the sweet aroma of the cinnamon out from the baking oven. This time i tried the 65 degree tang zhong (water-roux)method. All the while i thoght this is a really complicated method but when i tried it for the first time, i love it. Is really easy & definitly produced a much softer & fluffy buns. It was still soft when i ate it the next day morning. You can find the recipe from HHB blog ( only different was i cream the butter (30g), brown sugar (30g) & cinnamon powder (1 tbsp) together & spread the rolled out dough. Happy trying!!

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  1. I also found the Elvis Presley pound cake receipe some time ago, while I was looking for a good pound cake to make for Ivan's birthday which will not sink from all the cream and decos, but I didn't try it in the end... I think it was because of all those ingredients needed. Maybe I should give it a go soon!