Monday, April 18, 2011

Pandan Chiffon, Muesli Honey Loaf & Chilled Mango Cheese cake

Ching Ming festive started to be an event for my family - Papa, brothers, sisters, nieces & nephews to get together & proceed to the temple at Bukit Batok to pray & make offering to my mom since last year. From last yr experience, the crowds there seem like going there celebrating & having buffet with all kinds of foods spread & offering. So this year, we prepare more to offer my mom.

For me, i baked her favourite Coffee chiffon cake & sweet potatoes soup... too bad we didn't take any pictures. I used the Coffee Chiffon recipe from Small Small Baker & it turns out to be a successfull one.

The following pic i posted was Pandan Chiffon I baked using Yin Yin's to keep recipe.

Recently has been watching the Korean drama - Baker King with hubby (who actually bought the DVD due to addiction to Korean Show!!). It motivated me to bake more... haha. So I tried to make Muesli loaf but is hard to find the receipe. Instead i use Honey Whole Wheat Loaf from & added in mutli-grain flour & Muesli mix. Well the result was not bad at all... soft & yummy.

Next is Chilled Cheese cake which always has been a requested item from my niece. Since my nephew, Daniel, birthday is on 16 Apr (Last Sat) & i got 2 blocks of cream chees so i made this Mango Chilled Cheese cake. I use a 8" round tray & doubled the receipe from Jenny added in 2 Mangos cutted into small cubes. It had mango frangance which i find it too mild but my niece & nephews love it!

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  1. Yum, your Honey Whole Wheat Loaf looks so soft & nice leh. Must try one day! =)