Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cinnamon Roll & Assorted Buns

I have not been successfull in making bread or bun recenty because the dough just wouldnt raised during proofing. I finally know who was the culprit... YEAST.

My both attempts got the same problem so i recall shirely told me about her stone bread due to the "inactive" yeast. This means that the yeast already "dead" so it doesn't proof at all. but my yeast was all the while kept in the fridge right after use unless it died during a power tripped happened abt 1-2 mths ago.

So i went to get a new instant yeast for my assorted buns.

I used Alex Goh's Sweet bun dough for Cinnamon rolls, Bak kwa/floss buns, Melon Pan & 1 suasage bun.

I was happy when i see the roll & buns raised & turn into BIG rolls & buns. This seems to be the most successfully attempt of my bun making.

Hub love the cinnamon roll & bak kwa but not for the melon pan because my top pastry was too thin & little after the buns raised almost triple its original size (once during the 2nd proofing & once during baking).

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