Friday, September 25, 2009

Pain Crème (Whipping Cream bread)

This is another recent baking adapted from

I read the comments & decided to give it a try since i have a small pack of whipping cream at home. So after i reach home, i quickly take out & measure all the ingredients. Used the mixer to knead the dough & let it proof for 1.5-2hr. It really worries me when i notice the dough didnt raised to its double size.. so i let it proof for a longer time, punched out the air & put into the fridge for overnite as per the recipe instruction.

The following day, after i reach home from work, i quickly take out & shape it with bakkwa, porkfloss, ham & some plain buns & final proofing for 1hr before sending into the oven for 15mins.

Wow.... these buns are sooooo soft that i can't wait for it to cool down to try a small piece. It is really a good recipe to keep. I gave 2 to my in-laws & my MIL called me just to tell me the buns are really nice & soft especially when it still warm. You must really try this recipe.

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