Friday, September 18, 2009

Prince Birthday Cake - Humpty Dumpty

This was my 2nd layered birthday cake. I used the same recipe as the 1st chocolate birthday cake with Chocolate ganache Bananas as the fillings. The sponge cake & the ganache recipe was from

The most challenging part was for me to draw the Humpty Dumpty on the cake - special request from my Prince. With all the tools & ingredients i bought such as the colorings, piping jelly, whipping cream & the decoration nozzels, i started this project on the Fri night before this Sat celebration.

The chocolate sponge cake turned out to be fine though it sank after out of oven. I prepared the ganache, leave it to cool, slice the cake into 2 layers, spread a layer of ganache, assemble the sliced bananas & topped with 2nd layer of ganache. Covered the whole cake with whipping cream & finally the most challenging & fun part of the drawings.

Well i would say it was pretty good & cute with the Humpty dumpty holding ballons instead of falling off the wall ... ^-^

Prince was so happy when he first saw his Humptt dumpty cake & shy when everybody sang him the birthday song.... The cake was soon distributed out & i almost forgot to take a pic of a slice.
Evan has got lots of presents... got baseball set, fishing toy, another fishing toy, learning latop toyset, balls, wooden clock blocks, Lego etc... wow... i am wondering how to clear his old toy & keep all these new toys. These are not the last... there are more to come for his actual day birthday & 3rd celebration at the great-grandma hse this cmg sat.


  1. Wow! This is very nicely done! How did you learn now to pipe the picture on? I need to learn coz Angel has been asking or Hello Kitty cake for ages and my pipping skill is non-existence...

  2. It's so cute!! Little prince must be so happy.=)

  3. yes, he so happy to see this cake.

    for the piping, i bought a few nozzels to draw the pic. Use the round tip to draw the outline... eg. oval sharp (which was out of shape for the 1st time, so got to remove & touch up). with the outline, piped in with the colored whipped cream.

    you can also use the piping gel (the ballons) which will give u a more vibrant colors... remember those traditional rectangular 2 layered sponge cake with the colorful gel on top.. I m gg to some when i m on leave so that i can spend time to decorate with these yummy gels.