Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teacher's day Gift Packs

Finally, the last resort to try on the Sponge cupcake. But Thur 27 Sep was a bad day for me. I got problem with the normal eggs beating & the batter turn out to be bubbly. So i knew the cupcake will be a failure. The strawberry Jam sank right to the bottom instead of staying in the centre due to the watery batter :(

So left with the last 2 eegs, i turned to the last alternative to bake the orange cupcake that i had done before. but again the batter curdled when i added in the eggs into the creamed butter & sugar... tried adding in flour but it just won't work. i was so mad & frustrated... so just proceed on to whisk up everything & put it into the oven.

Overall still edible, both still got the nice aroma but the texture wasn't what i expected. Since i am running out of time, i just had pack it up with the Coin purse gift that prince had packed before he slept.

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  1. Hi Anthea, dun be discouraged. Try adding the egg one at a time, mixing it well before adding the next one. I had the same problem before when I add too much eggs at one go. =)