Friday, September 18, 2009

Prince 3 yrs old Birthday celebration - 2

15 Sep - actual Birthdate for Evan. I had long prepared to celebrate for him in the child care centre with his friends.

This round, i ordered the Bob the Builder cake from Polar & prepared the gift pack for his to distribute to his friends.

When i reached the centre, he just woke up from this afternoon nap. He was delighted when I showed him the cake & all the gifts. The teachers are busy arranging the tables & chairs after all kids woke up & tidy up their mattress, pillows, towels etc... except for 1 little boy still sleeping soundly .... & he actually slept throughout the whole celebration ;D

While all other kids were sitting at other 2 tables together, the birthday boy sat by himself at the other table... hmm.. he must be so happy & feeling so special that is his turn to sit on that "Emperor Seat"... haha.

After all the birthday songs, he kept blowing & blowing the candles but they just won't go off.... all the kids & teachers were laughing. Everyone was happy with the gift Evan distributed out & they happily eat their cake for the tea break except for 2 twin classmates because they are allergy to eggs... so i must take note to order eggless cake for his next yr Birthday.

Thereafter, we brought him to Downtown East Kids Explorer, Mini bowls, Mini Ferris Wheel ride, Train ride & he was so excited when we bumped into a Dinosaur & Elephant giving out ballons. We are happy that he enjoyed hisself on his birthday.

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