Sunday, August 9, 2009

Almond Butter Cookie 2

Another baking of almond butter cookie again after all the good comments from the 1st batch.

This time, i use the colorful tiny beads to decorate instead of the almond flarks. Reasons to make it more attractive for little prince & also i ran out of almond flarks ;)

I tried using my new set of cutters but the dough was too soft to had it cut out nicely. As it was late at nite, i didnt border to keep in fridge for the dough to get harden, just wanted to get it done asap.

These cookies taste yummy, not as sweet as the 1st batch & the texture was so soft that it melts in you mouth. The nieces & nephews finished up all the cookies tdy when i brought to mum's place.

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