Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pumkin Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is difficult to make but i am still dare to try it despite of my 1st few "not-so-successful" cake baking .. kekeke. I plan to use the chiffon mold i bought from Phoon Huat. 1 small & 2 mini size.

I adapted Taro Chiffon cake recipe from replacing Yam with Pumkin.

After all the mixing, beating & folding of all ingredients, i realised the batter was too much for my 3 molds. No choice, i filled in a little more into the each chiffon mold & used a small round pan for the balance.

Afer baking for abt 15 mins, the chiffons started to crack while raising. After baking for 30 mins, the cracks look like a flower ;( i immediately inverted all the 4 tins & let it cool for abt 20 mins before removing.

To my surprise, the cracks had closed up but slightly stickly. The cake sank quite a fair bit, the texture was soft & quite compact instead of fluffy. hmm... wondering what really went wrong. Could it be my mashed Pumkin too wet?


  1. Look nice to me. I have the same experience while baking a cake that not suppose to raise like the "Fa Gao". On my second attempt, I lower the temperature a little bit. This time the cake did not crack anymore. You can give it a try.

    Jia You!

  2. Next time when I'm back must bake something for me to try hor!

  3. yes. i will try again with lower temperature, lesser batter in each tin.

    Sylvia... u will have lots of bakery to try from me, annie & yin... kekeke. let us know which one u fancy. or just Diane's drownie can liao ;D