Friday, August 21, 2009

Pooh & Piglet Butter Cookie

Just bought a set of Pooh & Piglet cookier cutter & stamp from Kai Kai shop in Chinatown Point. So decided to make butter cookie using these cute cutter on Tues night as i am on leave for Wed.

I used the recipe from Happy Home baking... she also uses the same set of cutter...

I started the process abt 11 till 1.30am... wow i didn't expect to use so much time just baking these butter cookies. This was actually due to in-efficency of my micro-wave oven. I can only put 1 small tray each time at 15 min, so total spent of 1hr just for the baking.

After making the dough, i roll out flat & put it in the frigde hopping is easier for cutting out. But i was wrong. It breaks easily & need to be really careful & gently in handling the cut-out dough. after few cuttings, i manage to find a easier way.

Flatten the dough, cut & stamp the pooh, then push the cutter all the way so the edge & onto my hand then tsf to the tray before removing the cutter.

so after all the hard work... these are all my smiling poohs & piglets.

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