Monday, August 17, 2009

Colorful Layered Agar Agar

My niece's birthday is just round the corner, so my sister plan to make smthing different for her this year.... Agar-Agar Cake..... i gave her the link for Yochana's & some other blogs with the cartoons & beautiful agar agar creation for reference & we decided to go phoon huat shop for the suitable mold, agar agar powder & coloring.

She bough a candy mold with sunflower, bear, moon, star etc & a square tray for the base. we did the experiment the next day at my mum's plc. The process was fun & result was "not bad" for the 1st timer... the only setback was the layered agar agar came off easily especially for the agar agar from candy mold ... so next time we have to try scratching the top light before pouring the next layer.

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