Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sausage Bun

30 Jul, Thur, me & colleagues finally went for our long waited Ritz Carlton Buffet. Yummmy!!

Since i had taken half day off, i went home after the buffet planning to make the wholemeal loaf for my hubby again for him to eat on the way to Desaru on Fri.

While making the dough, i also made the sweet bun dough so that i can make sausage bun for little prince to eat as breakfast on sat. I kept the dough in the fridge till Fri night after i got back from work.

while making the bun, evan came back. he grabbed the sausage when he saw me shaping the bun.. but too bad, it cannot be eaten yet. So after i let it proofed for abt half hr & baked for 15 minutes, i let him have it after cooling for 20 minutes. He love the sausage bun & had another one on Sat morning ^-^.

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