Monday, August 24, 2009

Strawberry Chocolate Birthday Cake

After the contaminated Chocolate cake incident, i really fear of it happening it again. But i really wanted to make a birthday cake for my niece. So i decided to go ahead to use the chocolate cake recipe but with whipped cream topping & decoration instead of the chocolate ganache.

When i started folding in the beaten eggs white into the chocolate batter because i noticed the bottom still remains as soft perk.... i made a big mistake by attempting beating the balance eggs white again. Instead of becoming stiff perk, it became deflated :( since it was late at nite, i continue to fold into the chocolate batter hoping the cake to turn out at least the hight that i can layer into 2 slices.

after putting in the oven for 15 minutes... it raised. but was not as high as the first chocolate sponge cake i made. It collapsed further after taken out of the oven... but i still managed to slice it.

well... everyone was happy & my family was surprised that i had nicely done up the birthday cake for the princess.... well off course i did share with them the contaminated chocolate incident... but they will dare to try out my 1st home-made birthday cake.... yummy...